Wearable Arts Midwest

green resist dyed rayon scarf blue resist dyed silk scarf orange, gold and pink resist-dyed sillk scarf purple and black painted and shibori dyed silk scarf

Janet Dixon

I create surface designs on textiles using dye with a variety of techniques. Low water immersion dyeing and other resist techniques such as clamping, wrapping and tying create folds and wrinkles where I can add layers of dye to interact and mix to create new color combinations.

I find ideas in the patterns and object I see in my daily life, both natural and man-made. I create surface designs on natural fibers to interpret those things that inspire me.

As wearable art, scarves don't require fitting. A scarf can complete a wearable art piece, or personalize ready to wear, from jeans and t-shirts to something a bit more elegant.

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