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black and orange wool vest black wool vest with pink cotton front and trim black wool jacket with trim and decoration of multi-colored triangles

Marsha Theis

"Welcome to Marsha Very Wearable Art!"

Designing and sewing clothes has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are sitting by my mother and sewing buttons on to scraps as she worked at her sewing machine. I always designed and made my own clothes and people would come up to me and tell me how much they liked what I was wearing. After 35 years of teaching special education I retired and turned my love of sewing into a business. I created "Marsha Very Wearable Art." I have been successful selling my clothes in stores and at art fairs. I have been written up in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

After age 40 I got tired of trying on shirts that were too tight, pants that were too low cut, jackets that pulled across my back, clothes that made me feel old and dowdy, and clothes that were made from very poor quality fabric. I decided to make clothing that really fit, made me feel confident about the way I looked and was made from really gorgeous fabric.

I love beautiful clothing! I make one of a kind wearable art for women who want to look good all the time not just on a "special occasion." I lead a regular life and don't very often go to formal events so most of the clothing I make is made for wearing all the time. I love color and beautiful textiles. My clothes are generally made from wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen. I use felted recycled sweaters and new fabrics. Many of my clothes are "green." I also hand dye some of my fabrics, do needle felting on garments and also wet felting. My clothes are tasteful, timeless and really fit. They are comfortable and designed to flatter every body type. When you purchase a piece of clothing that I made you will never see another person wearing the same thing. Each item I make is unique, designed and sewn as a work of art so every woman wearing them can feel good about who she is as a person regardless of her age, size, ability or disability.

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