Wearable Arts Midwest

multi colored discharged and shibori dyed wool coat and scarf pink and gold hat, scarf and mittens from recycled sweaters brown and tan hat from recycled sweaters black and silver vest from recycled sweaters

Pat Grady

I create artwork that honors memories, respects the environment, and makes people tingle.

Fabric, yarn and embellishments provide the outlet for my creative inspirations. I use my keen sense of color, design and texture to create unique, functional works of art.

I made a New Year's Resolution in 2006 to refrain from buying new clothes (except socks & underwear) for the year. I have renewed that resolution every year since then. Instead of buying new, I find wonderful treasures at thrift stores, garage sales and consignment shops. I use what others discard to create new functional artwork for myself and others.

Embellishing Bliss!

Using reclaimed textiles has been the basis for my wholesale/ retail business. Functional artwork including hats, scarves, mittens, handbags and more are part of my unique accessory line. I love reclaiming items that most people just throw away and transform them into new products that are more beautiful than they were in their original form.

Custom Creations

I enjoy working with customers to design something unique to honor the memory of a loved one. I collaborate with my customer to create a treasure that tells the story of their loved one's life. The end result is one-of-kind art that's beautiful to see, to hold, and to carry in your heart.

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